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Crane machine
Gift machine


Blue Elf 2 crane machine XB-8003
Blue Elf crane machine XB-8002
Boutique house machine XB-3001
Sweet Fun claw machine XB-8004
Mini Butterfly Candy claw machine XB-5001
Coin collector TW-131
Crazy LIanHuanPao1 Claw machine XB-8007
Blue Storm Claw Machine XB-8009
Blue ELFⅢ crane machine XB-8006
Crazy LianHuanJian XB-9002
Step by Step claw crane machine XB-8014
Online Claw Machine XB-6001
Crazy Lianhuanpao Claw machine XB-8005
Doll Party gmae machine toy story claw crane machine XB-8010
Double network doll machine XB-6002
Scissor Paradise game machine XB-9001
ATM Coin machine XB-1001
Big Crazy LianHuanPao2 claw machine XB-8008
Mini crazy Lianhuanpao XB-3002
Little Crazy LianHuanPao1 XB-8011
Little Crazy LianHuanPao2 XB-8012
Tang Xin Jia Jia Le WB-6002
Niu Dan Pai Dui WB-6001
Hai Dan Diao Diao Diao WB-6003
Snowstorm Paradise XB-8013
Black Network catch toys claw crane game machine for sale surport H5 APP WEB online grab gifts dolls game machine XB-6003
Online Scissor machine XB-6005
Four People Crazy Claws XB-3004
Two People Crazy Claws XB-3003
Network/Online Big scissor machine

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Crane machine manual
Machine error solution
Production and management attentions
Assemble video display
Machine operation video


Claw Machine Manual
Grip adjustment for Crane machine
Crane machine manual
Manual of Blue Elf Ⅲ Crane machine
Manual of Crazy Lianhuanpao Crane machine

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